Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Worship Wednesday - Trust God

Trust God
Worship Wednesday

After reading the story card, we began talking about different ways we are tested throughout the day and how we can say No to tests that don't go with Gods purpose for us and Yes to things that were. Sonia said, "If someone is hitting someone on the playground and asks me to I would say No but if someone was doing something nice for someone then I would say yes." Shes four. How she got this concept still amazes me!
I asked her to look in the mirror and tell me what makes her beautiful. Her answer, "Make-up!" This was a great time to delve a little deeper. Yes, make up can make us feel better about yourself but we are beautiful to God when we are kind and loving. We made a list of all the kind acts she can do and she wanted to practice some today. At Friendly's she opened the door for a stranger and said please and thank you! Now, that is beauty to God!

I could see both girls were getting a little antsy, so I decided it was time to read a quick story and then act it out. To tie it to our God theme, we read a book about hibernating animals. God made all of the animal and we were going to pray for them and act them out! This was the first time that Sonia asked to pray by herself out loud. "Dear God thank you for all the food we eat and my family." Fighting back tears of gratitude, I read the book and we jumped to action! We also used the cut out cards from our Bonus Days booklet. I shuffled the cards and they acted out the animals waking up for Spring!

Wake up, Bear!

Wake up, Bird!

Wake up, Skunk!

Wake up, Snake!      

We marched on over to the art station and began the heart craft. Daniella decided she would rather explore the glue and the jewels instead of making the craft and I was ok with that! If its ooey and gooey its good with me! Sonia placed her jewels with love and care and then joined in on the sensory explosion taking place to her right!

Mother Goose Time has really brought me closer to my children and my God. Through this wonderful program, I have been given an opportunity to grow with my children on our spiritual path as well as having a bonding, home school experience that I could not have without this very informative and complete curriculum. For more information on this curriculum, please go to or visit them on FaceBook at

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