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Worship Wednesdays - Where we are taught that our God can be any power bigger than us. Our God will always lead us in the right direction!

Worship Wednesday
March 11, 2015
Week 1 and 2

God is the only God

Week 1
Sonia is 4.5 years old so her participation is much different than Daniella (2.5). Daniella is just sponging it up while Sonia is really participating. I loved her answer when I asked her, "Who is God?" She said, "God keeps me safe and protected when I sleep at night." I asked her, "What does your God look like?" She replied, "He is big." Daniella nodded her head and repeat, "Yes, God is big."

We discussed that there are many ways to God and that everyone has their own idea of how to get to God but that the most important thing was that we had a relationship with our own God. There is only one God, but each person is allowed to have their own concept of their God. I asked Sonia, "How do you get to God?" She said, "I will run and pray!" Well, if this wasn't as good of a time as any to get some movement going! I took this and ran too! We got up and started to run around the room for a little bit. After we laughed and got some of our energy out, we sat down and prayed.

I prayed over them while they sat with their hands in prayer. "Dear God, please continue to watch over my children and me. Please help me have the patience, love and kindness that you freely offer to me as long as I accept it. Please God, keep us safe and warm and always allow us to have food in our bellies and pink socks on our feet." We giggled and then started to do our Sand Cross art!

Week 2

Trusting Versus Testing

When I asked Sonia what trust was she didn't know. That was very exciting for me as it gave me the opportunity to really teach her such an important part of life. I talked to her about how trust is when you can believe what someone is saying to you. Of course, we brought it back to God and when I asked her if she can trust God, she said, "of course!". 

Both Daniella and Sonia had a fun time acting out the story card. I tried to, age appropriately, explain how God has a plan for us and that we need to trust that He is going to lead us in the right direction.

When we did the Fly or Fall test, both girls really enjoyed standing on the chair and throwing their shopkins in the bucket. We talked about trusting God to protect us. We know we don't have to challenge his love. They loved the idea of jumping off chairs to show God didn't give us wings to fly but that we trust He has a plan for us!

We ended our fun day with yoga. Before I played the KidsYoga on YouTube, I explained to them that another way to get to God is through meditation and a way to meditate is to practice Yoga. They loved doing all the poses and cannot wait to do it again!

We didn't get to the Guardian Angel art or the Following God's Path activity but Daddy said he will do it with them this weekend!

Mother Goose Time has really brought me closer to my children and my God. Through this wonderful program, I have been given an opportunity to grow with my children on our spiritual path as well as having a bonding, home school experience that I could not have without this very informative and complete curriculum. For more information on this curriculum, please go to or visit them on FaceBook at

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