Thursday, March 26, 2015

Worship Wednesday - Call on God whenever you need Him

Worship Wednesday
March 25, 2015
Spirituality is such a hard topic to teach kids and this is why I love the Experience God add-on. We do not belong to any religious background, but I do teach my children that there is a God as well as Jesus and other spiritual teachers. With the content of this package, I get all the "stuff" necessary to help me teach about God and Jesus and I can truly see a difference. 
Sonia now prays with me at night and when she wakes up early enough, I invite her into my morning prayer. If she doesn't, we start our circle time off with a quick prayer. I do not force spirituality down her throat but, instead, incorporate it into every day life. I will not instill a fear of God but will show her how kind and forgiving He is. 
Each day we start in prayer, end in prayer and in the middle do kind acts for strangers and our family.
This week, we talked about how we can call God whenever we need Him. We made a phone to call God with our craft supplies and we even put our own phone number on there. Sonia can learn how our number while she plays with this phone. 
I asked Sonia when she would call God she said: 
When I'm scared
When I need help sleeping

If the phone is not available, how can you call on God: 
I can pray 

What do you pray for?
My mommy, my daddy, my sisters, my dogs, my cats and all my food

Mother Goose Time has really brought me closer to my children and my God. Through this wonderful program, I have been given an opportunity to grow with my children on our spiritual path as well as having a bonding, home school experience that I could not have without this very informative and complete curriculum. For more information on this curriculum, please go to or visit them on FaceBook at

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