Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Reasons Being a Toddler Mom Rocks


1. You are guaranteed happier Holidays! Or at least memorable ones! Smile for the camera...or not!



2. You can test your memory multiple times a day. How many times will it take you to remember the same story book? Just wait until your toddler falls in love with one book. You will be reciting the book in your head while you unload your dishes. But hey, at least your brain still works!



3. Say good-bye to interior designers and hello to the "artwork" your toddler is guaranteed to leave you. Markers on the wall, crayons on the side of the hamper, finger paint on tables, carpet and floor. This is your future. Embrace it!

4. First name? What is that? You are only one name now, "MOMMA". If it's a need for a drink refill, channel change or a true emergency, it is screamed with all the same urgency. If you forget that your new name is Momma, leave the room, your toddler will remind you!

5. A chance at a whole new group of like minded, just as crazy as you, probably didn't shower either and definitely do not what day it is mom friends! As toddler moms, it's hard to find where these moms hide out. In reality, we are all in our pajamas, drinking cold coffee (if we remember to grab it out of the microwave), stepping on legos and digging through clean clothes still in the laundry basket during the day. Come night time, we are cleaning up from the day, emptying out the dishwasher and tucking in our kids before we slam down and pass out on the bed. So where can we find these moms? I use an app called MomCo. It is safe, free and fun. We can set up play dates or even just chat. All through my Android phone but if you have an IPhone you can still use it too! Do yourself a favor! Find yourself a mom tribe. It takes a village to get through these years!


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  1. Love this! Especially the "goodbye to interior designers" ha ha! Thanks for sharing!

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