Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whale Blowing Art

Kids manipulate different art items in ways that, sometimes, we adults do not even think of. So when a time comes that I am able to show my kids a super cool technique, I am thrilled!

We are learning all about Whales and other ocean animals this month and both Sonia and Daniella were loving the whale the most. They especially loved the blowhole! So, when I saw this was an art activity, I knew I'd have their attention.

It was hard for both girls to actually blow the paint with the straw, but eventually, Sonia was able to do it while Daniella used the straw to actually paint with.

Watching Sonia's fine motor skills at work is simply amazing. She was able to thread the tissue paper through the whole without a problem at all!

I was able to incorporate a quick Science lesson by teaching Sonia that air is what pushes the paint when we blow through it. She was so impressed that she could move the paint around with her mouth!

Both girls were very proud of their work!

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