Friday, April 17, 2015

Life Science fun with Sea Turtles, Tortoises and Sharks, Oh MY!

Watching your child(ren) learn concepts and actually enjoy them enough to keep asking questions is simply breathtaking. Since we started learning about ocean animals and plants, Sonia is constantly asking me what animals eat, what their babies are called and how they "grow babies". It is a joy to watch her listen intently as I answer all of her questions and then an even bigger reward when she teaches her younger sister!

I taught her about the difference between sea turtles and tortoises and decided that instead of still pictures, we should shoot our very first video! So, here you go!

What is great about this activity is that it gets her moving, thinking and learning all about Life Science. Without even knowing it she was learning anatomy and physiology! How great is that?! Mother Goose Time laid out this activity in a way that a 4 year old could really grasp the difference between flippers and toes and how they help tortoises and sea turtles navigate their environment.

The cards that are in the video also had fun facts on the back of them and talked about their diet. Because of this great curriculum, Sonia now understands what animals and plants need to survive and the different ways they can get them.

The beauty of this program is not simply knowledge but character building. We are a BIG animal loving family over here so with each animal we introduce, we talk about their babies, the importance of these animals to our environment and the big difference we can all make by loving and caring for animals in our own way.

Can we make a shark our pet? No. But what can we do? We can learn as much as we can about them, respect their place in our environment and love them. I can model empathy by showing them that even though they live far away and aren't equipped to be pets, we do not need to harm them and we should respect them as we respect our fellow human being. 

We wore our bracelets that came in our monthly package to remind us that being respectful is one of the greatest qualities we can possess.


To illustrate respect while incorporating sharks, we decorated shark fins with black sand. The sand was to show that, although, shark skin looks smooth, it is actually rough. A great way to add in a sensory activity.

When they dry, we will show our respect to each other while dancing with our shark fins. We will respect each others personal space and not bump into each other.

Mother Goose Time has really brought me closer to my children and my God. Through this wonderful program, I have been given an opportunity to grow with my children on our spiritual path as well as having a bonding, home school experience that I could not have without this very informative and complete curriculum. For more information on this curriculum, visit Mother Goose Time.

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