Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blue Ocean Commotion Sensory & Science

We introduced our new topic today, Ocean Commotion as well as the color blue.

Today, we said hello to our Blue Bird and put him in his house and then we made blue play dough. Sonia put all the ingredients in herself and did all the mixing. What a blue blast!

Little Goose was not into circle time and I dont believe in forcing children, so she took a few minutes alone and joined us when she was ready.

We talked a lot about the ocean water and we conducted a Science experiment to test water temperature. We learned that ice can quickly cool down boiling water and the more ice you put in, the faster the temperature drops! I introduced graphing and we had a blast.

For Toddler tray time, we put ice and salt into water and watched how the salt melted the ice. Then, she splashed away!

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