Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Little Passports - Off to Brazil with World Explorer

Little Passports is fantastic!!!!

Wow! Our very first country was Brazil! This is terribly exciting as the girls father is from Brazil and Sonia felt right at "home". The World Explorer edition is for children ages 6-10. Sonia is only 5 but I thought it was best for us to get this one because she is very interested in the "big girl" material. Great decision for us, she was incredibly involved in all of the lessons and she truly loves this program. We completed this last week and she has asked every day if a new country has come yet.

We also ordered the Early Explorers for ages 3-5 for Daniella and we are waiting to receive it. There was a mix up on the shipping but, I will tell you, I contacted customer support and they were gracious, kind and prompt in rectifying our issue. This company has shown excellence in product and service!

Last month, we received our suitcase and the intro package. Sonia grabbed her suitcase and was ready to go! First things first, lets decorate our suitcase with the new Brazil stamp.

Before we travel out of the country we need our passport. Each time we enter a new country, we get a stamp for our passport. Sonia loved this and here is she placing her country stamp in her "passport".

Our tour guides are Sam and Sofia and they write us a letter from each country and bring us back a little something from there. From Brazil they brought us an Amethyst and a picture of our new monkey friend Danila.

I took this opportunity to expand on our knowledge of mining amethyst and popped on a youtube video that showed how they get it from Brazil. She loved it!


On the boarding pass each month, we get a special code that we enter in the website and get to do some computer work. There was a game, trivia and more pictures of places in Brazil with tidbits of information on each. Though the content was a little age advanced for Sonia, I still went through and asked her the trivia and we had a fun time guessing. This sparked some interesting conversation. Her dad and her watch futbol whenever it's on so the soccer game was right up her alley!

We took out the amazing map that was provided in the intro box and Sonia pinned Brazil! She was so excited to share this adventure with her sister, Dad, Vovo and Vovo!

She went to bed knowing that we were going to be baking Brigadeiros the next morning, a tasty Brazilian treat. She brought them with her to her Dads and they were quite impressed!

The next morning, she couldn't wait to show her sister "her" amethyst from Brazil and "her" monkey. She even let her touch it...once...just once!

Let's begin our baking adventure. Enjoy our pics!

This was a very special box for her as this is part of who Sonia is. She was excited to speak Portuguese to her father and have him teach her the proper pronunciation of Brigadeiro. Mommy ruined it ha!
This program is really shaping a love of geography for our homeschool, Our School of Grace. We anxiously await for next month's adventure to China!
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** Little Passports allows me to follow two of my biggest passions. Educating my children and writing! I am honored to work with Little Passports. I do receive the curriculum in exchange for my blog posts but every word in here is honest and a true example of this curriculum in a multi age home practice.

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