Monday, January 11, 2016

Praise the Lord

We are playing catch up with our December and January curriculum as we took a few weeks off to enjoy each other and our holidays. I am also implementing a new stress free way to homeschool and coordinate our schedules. It is quite simple and I'm not sure how or why I never did this before. Essentially, we are unschooling with a curriculum to support us. What does this mean? That sounds like a contradiction. Yes, it does and it very well might be but I don't know how else to explain it. Instead of trying to stick with a schooling schedule, I gauge each day on what is going on at the moment and follow the cues.

There is no more 10am sharp reading, 1030am Bible Study etc. We go based on our own inner clocks and what feels right. This has changed our household dynamic exponentially! By implementing this schedule free lifestyle, I have discovered Sonia's love of art and have been able to create a curriculum based on this style of learning and am thrilled at the rate to which she is learning and grasping concepts all while having the time of her life and fostering her passion. That, my friends, is the core of homeschooling.

We worked on our December curriculum which is all about praising and worshiping Jesus.

I read them the story with the story cards provided by Mother Goose Time and I explained that "this story is about a baby named Jesus. When He was born, many people praised Him with their voices and came to worship Him. Praise means that we use our words and actions to give thanks and celebrate that God is great." That's the amazing thing about MGT, they even lay out the script I can use to explain hard concepts to the kids in an easy way for them to understand it. I had Sonia point out all of the words she knew as well.
We discussed different ways to praise and I decided that it would be a great time to stop and do some music. So, on goes Chris Tomlin and we raised our voices and hands and sang together. I saw the girls following along with me as I raised my hand to the Lord while I was singing.
Though we are not a Sunday service family because we are a divorced family and the girls are with their father on Sundays while I work, we do go to about 3 church activities a week at Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle. One of the activities is just for Sonia (G.Y.M) and is a drop off so Daniella and I spend some one on one time together and then sneak into the teen worship. It is amazing to hear and see the teens in my community praising the Lord. As we were worshipping, I looked down at Daniella and saw her praising the Lord just as we had learned earlier in the day. Does this not melt your heart? Watching this 3 year old raise her hand to the Lord made me weak in the knees. May the Holy Spirit always reside in her heart the way God intended.

Ok, back to school and Sonia's favorite part - art! She has always been into crafts, I just had no idea how good she is!
I began to explain that, "according to the Bible, angels are very big and shine the amazing glory of God. They bring us good news and they also protect us." We discussed Luke 1:30 and Luke 2:10 and spoke about how angels delivered the news of Jesus. I also expanded this lesson for my Kindergartener and implemented some writing practice. After she completed her art, she asked if we could hang the picture above her bed so that she would not be afraid of the dark.

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And for the Moms and Dads, I have begun a Christian based blog, Perfectly Imperfect Life Warriors, and I will be kicking off some great Bible studies to inspire and empower us as we walk with Christ together. Next on the agenda is Proverbs 31:2016 - 31 verses in 31 days! Check it out!

** Mother Goose Time allows me to follow two of my biggest passions. Educating my children and writing! I am honored to work with Mother Goose Time. I do receive the curriculum in exchange for my blog posts but every word in here is honest and a true example of this curriculum in a multi age home practice.

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