Friday, February 19, 2016


February has been a fun month for us. All about food and fitness. We loved the movement involved in most days and I loved the introduction of healthier foods. The more they hear about eating better from all different parts of their lives, the better the chance of them actually trying something different. Well, I hope.

By far one of my most favorite items in the one year I have been blogging for Mother Goose Time was used today. The geoboard! You can do so much with this geoboard from practicing letters to following a pattern to simply practicing fine motor skills.

The girls love when a game with a spinner comes out. I don't actually have any clue why this is but they truly enjoy any game that has them spin. Here we took turns spinning and acting out what they landed on.

I have to be honest, I didn't have borax to make the stretchy slime. I gave it to a friend thinking I'd never have to use it again and lo and behold I did. So, we just sort of played with white water. They had fun and spent about 45 minutes with it and then straight to the bath while I cleaned the mess.

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And for the Moms and Dads, I have begun a Christian based blog, Perfectly Imperfect Life Warriors, and I will be kicking off some great Bible studies to inspire and empower us as we walk with Christ together. Next on the agenda is Proverbs 31:2016 - 31 verses in 31 days! Check it out!

** Mother Goose Time allows me to follow two of my biggest passions. Educating my children and writing! I am honored to work with Mother Goose Time. I do receive the curriculum in exchange for my blog posts but every word in here is honest and a true example of this curriculum in a multi age home practice.

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