Friday, December 4, 2015

Tiny Book Worms Was a Huge Success!

For months, I would see Tiny Book Worms post on social media and I would scroll through the pictures of the current months box and think how much Sonia would enjoy it. Something would inevitably happen and I would be distracted and never order. Finally, in November I saw the preview box and I was looking for some Fall supplements for our homeschooling curriculum and it was perfect!

A few weeks later, my package was here. Now, the funny part is, when I was talking to the creator, Amy, I had no idea she only lived 10 minutes from me. This made this product move up on my "love" list even more. A local moms product! You know me, I'm a big supporter of mom and pop, so this was right up my alley.

The product states that the content is for children ages 2-4 but I did the activities with my 5 year old and she had a blast. My 3 year old is not quite the sit at the table and play kind of kid. She is a music and movement, sensory learner. I will say that the activities, in my opinion, were for a bit older than 2's and 3's and I would say that they are more for 4's and 5's. But either way, it was fun, Sonia had a blast and it was a great way to review the concepts we had learned in the past through art.

I read the book to her and she loved it. I really enjoyed that the book was interesting and also educational. After we read it, we went outside and looked at all of the leaves and it sparked up some conversations on trees, roots, etc. Any book that continues education after you close it, is amazing. Great pick!

There were some activities that were in the box that I did not get the chance to take pictures of because we were really enjoying ourselves and, honestly, I forgot. I hope Amy doesn't mind but I took pictures from her Facebook page. One of them was letter learning and she provided clothespins with the letters F A L L on them and leaves with the same letters. We matched the clothespin to the leaves and practiced spelling the words FALL. Sonia is very interested in spelling and she began asking how to spell other words and we spent another 15 or so minutes just spelling random words together.

The November box, also introduced a new concept for Sonia - glyphs. She provided a list of questions and Sonia had to answer the questions by placing the stickers in the appropriate spots. I forgot to snap photos of this activity as well because we were working together on this and we both thought it was a really cool concept. When she is playing teacher with her sister, I hear her instructing Daniella to create a glyph. For example, if you are right handed, place the sticker of the apple under the tree, etc. Each child's picture would be different, depending on their answers but here is a finished project from her page.

Sonia is a diva - the ultimate diva. So, if there is ever a chance for her to create an accessory that she will don for the day, she is all in. She also really enjoys patterns and this next activity combined both. She was one happy kid. She knows that patterns repeat themselves at least 2x and we had created the pattern with the leaves provided. She glued them on, created her headband and became the patterned leaf princess!

Lastly, we set out to graph. I enjoyed that we could do this activity once or many times depending on how you wanted to. You could either stick the stickers on the paper for a one time use or use the sheet protector provided and just place the stickers on the sheet protector without sticking them for multiple uses. We graphed the different color leaves and then I challenged her with adding and subtracting. The leaves were great counters and this activity was a great way to review her graphing skills!

I will say that all in all, I give this product a stellar review. We had a lot of fun with this box and, more importantly, Sonia genuinely enjoyed it. She referred to it as her "special box". Decembers box looks like a ton of fun also!

The product is affordable, fun and wonderfully organized so that you do not need anything other than the box and a child (ha). The instructions are easy to understand and the concepts are enjoyably learned through educational play based activities.

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**This product was given to me at no charge for review. I reviewed this product and gave my honest opinion. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this blog.

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