Thursday, December 31, 2015


We love our Journals, in fact, Sonia looks forward to it each month. The only thing I regret is not saving the ones from the past because her artwork has become a lot better. Now, I'm not saying she's Picasso but I can definitely see her skills improving and the thought she puts into each cover. Here is Sonia playing her favorite instrument. When I asked her what it was she told me it was one that makes music but she forgot the name of it. Well, alright then.

Today, we learned about horns. The last activity was their most favorite as it involved using a straw the way the musicians do to make their horn make sound. Mother Goose Time instructed us to pom poms and have them use their breath to make it go faster and slower. With musicians, they use their breath to make the sound louder or softer. We also practiced screaming and humming quietly so the girls could see the contrast. The pom pom activity became a race to see who could their pom pom to the end of the table first but it was fun and they had a blast.

From this month, we also were able to learn what a musician is and what music notes are. I loved the way MGT, taught the kids that the music note is the language the musicians speak. I had never heard of it described in this way but Sonia really grasped that idea. She even remembered the Hymn book at church and told me that she saw the language in that book and she knew it was music because of the notes. From there, we were able to talk about why we were at Church and why we worship through song. We then, put on some worship music and used our voices to sing loudly and softly. Once again, MGT brings us teachable moments through simple and fun lessons.

When we were done singing, we played the horn matching game. Not only does this help Sonia's memory, it also helps practice patience while we wait our turns and helps to drive home what each instrument is.

Enjoy our pictures!


We also use the preschool curriculum in our home school, if you want to read more about those lessons, read archived blogs or check back for future posts.
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** Mother Goose Time allows me to follow two of my biggest passions. Educating my children and writing! I am honored to work with Mother Goose Time. I do receive the curriculum in exchange for my blog posts but every word in here is honest and a true example of this curriculum in a multi age home practice.

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