Friday, July 17, 2015

Counting In Trees

We finally took out our July's Nature Detective Kit and put it together! Yes, I know we are a bit late. But, never late then never!

We used our numbered bags to count rocks that we had found at the beach. For Sonia, I gave her the higher numbers and Daniella got the lower numbers. Also for Sonia, we did some adding and subtracting while Daniella just focused on counting and number recognition.

The adding tree was fun and Sonia really got into it. She rolled the dice, put them in the proper place an added them. Then she found the number and placed that on the bottom. After that, she counted the corresponding number of acorns and placed them in the tree.

Sonia began her Nature Collection book and it was really great to see her writing and drawing what she wrote.

We spoke about how even trees have ages and they can become very old. We can find out how old a tree is by counting the rings on the trunk after it is cut down. The girls made their own trunks! Here they are!

** Mother Goose Time allows me to follow two of my biggest passions. Educating my children and writing! I am honored to work with Mother Goose Time. I do receive the curriculum in exchange for my blog posts but every word in here is honest and a true example of this curriculum in a multi age home practice.

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