Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crowing for Carrots?

The crow is a beautiful bird but a nuisance to our garden as we learned with this lesson. So what can we do to scare the crows away...well, we can get a scarecrow, make funny faces and tell them to SHOO. Sonia also suggested we just let them stay and share our food. She's sweet.

Sonia was so shocked to learn all of the different foods that crows eat and what better way to drive this home then with a fun game. We play Old Maid a lot so telling her the directions was easy and she got it right away. She wanted to put the cards down by the crows mouth before we put them to the side. You know, just to make sure he eats. Ha!

Boo! We scared the crow away with the scarecrow card! Sorry about the sideways picture but I couldn't rotate it and it just goes with my life, perfectly imperfect.

Now that we found the scarecrow, its time for our logic and math skills. We counted all of the cards she was able to feed the crow before we found the scare crow. Then we counted all of the others that she didn't get to feed. We talked about which pile had more and less. And then we played again and again!

 Fine motor skills and lacing! I had this one left over from the carrot lesson and Sonia wanted to do this one too! So here we are lacing and cutting! (and more sideways pictures)

Each day with Mother Goose Time is so different and that is why we love it. Some days are more art then others, some are more motor skills and some are just games! It keeps us going and the kids are always excited to see what activities we will do!

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