Friday, May 1, 2015

Sea Sponges - Enjoying the squishy side of the ocean

Sea Sponges - Enjoying the squishy side of the ocean

My girls LOVE YouTube videos! I LOVE when the videos are NOT opening plastic eggs with toys inside. Here's where we met in the middle! Thanks to Mother Goose Time, we were all happy. I brought the computer into circle time and, together, we watched this amazing kid-friendly video of Sea Sponges.
From this video, Sonia learned that sea sponges are alive! She could not believe it!
Here we go, painting with sponges and stencils! They loved manipulated the tiny square sponges and painting there very own ocean scene!

The more light that shines on them, the brighter sea sponges appear!



Sea sponges can hold up to 16,000 animals inside of them!


Giant barrel sponges can grow large enough to fit a person inside!


Sonia's all done!

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Mother Goose Time has really brought me closer to my children and my God. Through this wonderful program, I have been given an opportunity to grow with my children on our spiritual path as well as having a bonding, home school experience that I could not have without this very informative and complete curriculum. For more information on this curriculum, please go to Mother Goose Time or visit them on FaceBook.

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