Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Storytime Central!

What better way to get children to engage in reading then to get them excited about reading. Here we have stories come alive with colorful character cut outs. I would read the story and every time they heard the piece they were holding called out, they would lift it up! Kept them listening to the story and giggling the entire time!

 After I was done reading it, they took the pieces and acted out their own story. Sisters playing together creatively is a dream come true!

There is something magical about seeing young kids with books. Today, they had the chance to make their own books and hear another language. We read the English and the Spanish version. It was so cute to hear them say "conejo" for rabbit.

Mother Goose Time had my kids wanting me to read stories all day today. With each story I read they acted it out and then pretended to be the characters afterwards. I even had to refer to Sonia as Belle after we read Beauty and the Beast for quite a few hours! 

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