Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dirty Feet? Messy Hands? GREAT JOB MOM!

Dirty Feet? Messy Hands?


When my kids are covered in dirt or paint, I am my happiest....and so are they!
This week we learned about plants from seed to flower and boy did we have fun! Usually, the planting happens outside and then we do some sprinkler play to help clean us up before the bath, but Mother Nature would have none of that. The day we chose to plant, rained all morning. That's ok! We did it all indoors. One of their life lessons took place before the actual lesson began.
You see, the night before, I had set up all of the items we would be utilizing on the kitchen table and got the kids super excited about our day outdoors. However, when they woke up and saw it was raining, Sonia was so upset when she assumed we would be cancelling the planting. So here I got to show her one of the most important lessons she will ever take with her. LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS. We don't get to control the weather BUT we can control our reaction to the weather. No cancelling this day. We just did it all indoors.
On to the Unit Studying. Where will our plants live? Let's paint our pots!

What will we plant? Grass, Carrots and Tomatoes!

What do plants need to live? Water, Sun and LOVE

Scooping the dirt.

Planting the seeds.

Watering the plants.

A little more mess for mom to clean up but I needed to give the floor a good cleaning anyway, so we all won.

Now, onto another one of life's great lessons...PATIENCE! We will wait patiently until our first seed sprouts. Until then, we will water them every day and make sure they have lots of sun.

From this lesson, we worked on Math when we counted the seeds, Art when we painted our pots, Language when we talked about plants and what they need to live, Science when we talked about how the sun and water feed the plants, character when we learned to be resilient and have patience.
The afternoon became much nicer and after naps, a fresh new pair of clothes to get dirty, we took the lesson outdoors with our Sensory Activity. I hid a bunch of toys in a big bucket of dirt and they found them!

Then, we went to a friends house and they led the adventures with their friends and their toys!

My little tree huggers!

Hey, every farmer needs a little fun and relax time!

A little reality check from this mom, I probably would have LOVED to do this unit study, I may have even wrote out a lesson plan BUT I might have just skipped it because I would have been hesitant to know what supplies I need, what lessons were age appropriate etc. Thanks to Mother Goose Time, most of the planning was done for me. They even sent soil and grass seeds! This inspired me to get the clay pots, veggie seeds and watering cans. With this curriculum, I'm able to turn my creative THOUGHTS into a hands-on curriculum and get the inspiration and gentle nudge I need to expand on it as well.
Want some more inspiration on how you can home school or add to your children's pre schools adventure? Check out what the Mother Goose Time Bloggers are up to: Get Inspired!

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