Wednesday, May 6, 2015

You Won't Believe What Mother Goose Time Showed Me About My Daughter, Sonia...

Mother Goose Time Does It Again!

Every time I sit down to write a blog about what we are learning about with our Mother Goose Time, I am always filled with gratitude. Just knowing that, not only, am I helping my children learn about numbers, shapes, counting and more but that I am instilling great qualities and helping build amazing character.

We sat down to read Jack and the Beanstalk and I thought it would be a nice story and we would plant our beans and move on to the next activity. What actually happened left me in awe. In awe of this curriculum, in awe of my parenting but mostly in awe of my 4.5 year olds soul.

I could not believe what I was hearing. It truly opened my eyes to her beauty. It opened my heart to love her even more than I thought I could.

It sounds silly that one discussion question could bring up all of these emotions. But let me tell you, I'm not kidding. I would never have known or even thought to ask such a young child such a deep question.

In fact, when I read the question, I didn't realize how deep it went. That is, until Sonia answered.

Here's a blurb from the actual story:
"BEANS!" cried the mother. "How could you trade White Spots for a handful of beans?" She was so upset that she threw the beans out the window and they landed in the garden"
The discussion question asked, "How did the mother feel about the beans?"

At this point, I expected an answer like mad, angry, upset, she yelled, etc. Here's the answer I got...
"She was afraid and worried. They had no money or food".
After I digested what my daughter had just said, I took this opportunity as a very teachable moment and we went on to discuss that when people seem angry or upset, they are really just what she said - afraid and worried. I asked her, "Have you ever been afraid or worried?"
"Oh yes!" She said "Thunderstorms make me scared. But I run into your room and I know I am safe."

"Yes, Sonia, I will always keep you safe."

Because of Mother Goose Time, I had the opportunity to see Sonia in a different light. I never thought I could love her more than I already do but to see how empathetic, what a deep thinker and what an old soul she is, makes my entire body glow from the feeling of healthy pride I get knowing that this little human is mine. It also gives me a deep feeling of responsibility and the importance of modeling these great behaviors.

I will be the best parent, I can be to my kids.

Please let me know , in the comment section of the blog, when your child left you speechless.

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  1. Aw, one of my littles said something to that effect in the story as well! I love discussion questions like that because you get this unique glimpse into their little heads that you otherwise would miss! Thanks for linking up at favorite things friday!