Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Learning Life Lessons Through Play Every Day

Learning Life Lessons Through Play Every Day

When people hear about home school, they often envision kids at the kitchen table working on work books. Some days it does look like that (for the older students). Most of the days, I teach my kids with play and experience. Take a look at all of the amazing lessons that come out of a day in our own backyard!

Remember, my kids are 2 and 4, so all lessons are usually about social aspects of life, character and confidence building and I sprinkle in some traditional "learning" along the way.

Take a moment and read and see how children can learn so much "just" by being themselves with the proper guidance.

Working together as a team


Daniella learns to use her voice to explain how to be pushed in a safe way. Sonia learns how to respect other people's wishes.

Sonia learns right and left to direct her car. She works on gross motor skills as well as following direction. She is able to problem solve in order to fit into a space and drive smoothly.

Daniella is learning her own power. She learns independence by being able to push herself off, bring the car back to its starting point by herself and do it again and again.


Working together and sharing makes the day go by smoother. Sonia learned that there was a solution to "giving up" the car. This was her idea and boy did they both enjoy it.

The best classroom any kid could have - a backyard!

Daniella learns up and down and independence.


The most important lesson of all - LOVE

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